Keto Lifestyling and the journey towards happiness

When Weight Stops Being the Issue

In today’s media there are countless images upholding the ideals of beauty. But for most of us around the world, those ideals portrayed in mass media do not reflect what we see around us nor what is in the mirror. But media has some options for us to “fix” what is “wrong” with us too; from quick-fix pills to fad diets and beyond. We have been led to believe that if only we comply with the ideals of beauty we too can be happy and successful.

You too! Can go from this:

To this:

The truth is, that only way your weight contributes to your happiness and success in life is if YOU let it! And you can take that to the bank.

And this is a lesson I had to learn myself, the hard way. At my heaviest and most “miserable”, I would find myself thinking, “that if only I was skinny then I would have a boyfriend or more friends, I would be beautiful, people would just like me etc.” and so one day I decided, that I was going to seriously commit to losing the weight and I did it! But I will tell you, after shedding almost 1/3 of my weight (about 70 lbs) no boyfriend magically appeared nor did any new friends. I was still the shy, awkward girl who preferred reading and Korean dramas to meeting people, that I was before I lost the weight. Same person just in a smaller package.

So that got me thinking, What if the Weight wasn’t the Issue? and what a scary thought that was because for so long my weight had been the great “enemy” standing in the way, to me frolicking in the sun with all my bffs. What the hell? does that mean there is something actually wrong with me? GASP

That isn’t what I had signed up for! I was just supposed to loose the weight and then be happy! Where did this self-examination step come from! Nuh-uh!

But all kidding aside, this is not to say that I regret losing the weight because by doing so I have gained so much from losing; I am more comfortable in my skin, my confidence grows everyday to try new things and see new places. I have had the chance to start learning more about myself; how people perceive me, how I perceive myself, and how want to be viewed by myself and by others.

The main take-away from all this is; if you want to lose the weight, that’s great! I applaud you!

But realize this:
1. You are beautiful/handsome, as you are!
2. You are not only worthy but DESERVING of love and all the things your heart desires, not matter what size jeans you are wearing!
3. There are no limits to where life can take you, as long as your get out of your own way!
4. It is not your duty to take on other people’s crap, misguided notions and/or prejudices BUT you can take on the duty of proving them all wrong!

When Weight Stops Being the Issue then we can start to figure out what really matters and start making ourselves the change we wish to see in the world around us.

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