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Weekend Rx: Treat Your Self

Today I want to make another confession to you my dear readers. I struggle with spending money. It isn’t that I am a complete Scrooge but somehow over the course of my post-college years trying to turn a dime into a dollar. I seem to have turned into a squirrel securing nuts before winter sets in.

Don’t for one second tell your self that I must be sitting on a boat load of money, because if you did believe that then you would be severely mistaken. For as much money as I can squirrel away in hopes of starting a business, taking some time off to travel, buy the things that I want and need; life, as we all know, has a funny way of stepping in and redirecting all of our plans.

And can I just say that I am tired of never being comfortable with where my account balance? Of having to triple-guess myself if that super awesome dress is really worth the money? Click the link you will see, TOTALLY worth it!

But what is a young millennial to do with champagne dreams on a Kool-aid budget?

As Donna from Parks and Recreation says:

That’s right, TREAT YO’ SELF! And doesn’t have to be anything big maybe you just take a day off from work in the middle of the week just to get your mind right or instead of scrimping for a vacation bag-packing across Europe you and your best mates take a smaller weekend trip to one of the Adult Camps, or a different city nearby.

Life is too long and too short to spend it keeping your nose to the ground slaving away to one day live the dream. Stop worrying about loosing one day’s pay (because really, who gets PTO anymore?) and go on an adventure, get a massage, have a drink or three, or take a mental holiday. Little breaks like these not only keep from cursing out your co-workers but can also aid in getting the creativity, help you re-focus/establish your own personal goals but also boost productivity.

Take it from me after 5 or so years planning and saving for that elusive “tomorrow” does leave much time to enjoy the pleasures that today may have in store for you.

So there you go a weekend prescription! TREAT YOUR SELF!

This prescription is not to be combined with any other medications you may be taking, avoid overuse as it may cause extended feelings of elation and euphoria which may lead to more serious sides effects such as; irresponsible spending, quitting your job, entrepreneurship and/or creative genius. Please consult with your local bartender if feelings persists for longer than 72 hours.

Until next time!

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