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HELP! I hate my Job!

Things have been a little hectic on my end with work, home and everything in between so I haven’t been able to post as often as I like and I am trying to do better! Anywho, it has been a while since I have done a career related post and an advice one so here is a perfect question I found on the Advice forum on XoJane, that I feel many can relate to:

I need your advice. I feel majorly unappreciated at my job and I so want to quit. Here’s the thing: I want to leave the corporate world and I’m scared to quit without having another job lined up. The problem is, I know if I find another job just like this one (sitting in a cube farm for 8 hours a day), I’ll be just as miserable. Also, I don’t know exactly what I want my next career move to be, but I know I want it to involve working for myself and doing my own thing. Any tips for what I can do in the meantime so I don’t feel like I”m staring down the deep dark hole of depression every workday?

My Answer:

First off let me just say, I feel you!, I get it no one wants to slave away at some job where you feel as though you are just another cog in machine that is easily replaceable and quite often overlooked. You have brains, ambition and drive so why should you spend your day pushing papers and fighting the copy machine. You are capable of so much more if only the higher-ups would give you the chance! I. Get. It. I know your pain, really I do. BUT I feel like I need to say something that might hurt your feelings a little bit; while I empathize with your feelings, I’m going to be the one to say to you that your situation is not out of the ordinary nor special so you are going to have to put your grown draws on and deal!

The amount of people who would kill to be sitting at a desk working regular hours and receiving regular pay should negate any sort of feelings you maybe harboring about how much your situation sucks. This isn’t to disregard the way that you feel at all but sometimes being a grown up means finding perspective and seeing the bigger picture. Because there really aren’t many people who don’t hate their jobs too but somehow they still manage to get; the job done day in and day out, pay their bills and provide for themselves/families.

You say that you want to leave the Corporate work place and venture into working for yourself. Great! Work is trending in that direction so there is no time like the present to branch out but you don’t know what it is you want to do? So what you are not going to do is actually quit your job, number one. What I think you should start doing is researching what skills you already have and how you can turn that into freelance work, take some classes to build up a skill set/trade that people will want to pay for or start networking with people who own their own businesses that you might be interested in for yourself maybe they could use some volunteers for their events or are willing to let you into their space to intern. Whichever method you choose just know it is going to take a huge commitment from you. Freelancers and start-up business owners that I know always talk about the years they spent working their regular day jobs (that they too hated) just to rush home and spend their every free moment working on their side projects for their business. For many of them it took 3-5 years (average) of seeing profits to actually make that final jump to solely working on their own business. So take the time to research both online and in person before making any huge changes.

Meanwhile surviving your current job situation is all about your attitude. So before you are tempted to commit serious to anyone, start looking for things that you do enjoy about your office; maybe it is an easy commute, you have a cool friend who you talk to about your plans or maybe there is a shop nearby that has the most amazing pastries/coffee/clothes/after work drink special. Find something that doesn’t drive you completely insane about the place and focus more on that then how much you hate it. The more you dwell mentally on what you hate, the more you will see to hate. So start thinking positive thoughts because really it isn’t the end of the world and frown lines are a bitch to get rid of.

Have questions you would like me to answer or discuss send them on over on the contact page!

Until next time!

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