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I just wanted to do a really quick post about a new note worthy cause. The Indie Chicks are an amazing group of mainly women, I did peep a gent or two on their author’s page, that have banded together to help women strengthen and empower themselves and each other. With stories, advice and tips that really matter. You won’t find too many of the “20 Tips to Blow Your Partner’s Mind” here but what you will find is a resounding message of self-acceptance and empowerment that can sometimes be lacking in today’s media.


What started as an online magazine has quickly grown with The Indie Chicks premiere In-stands Issue just this past summer (maybe you have seen it at you local bookstore and didn’t know what it was about, well…now you do!) but they need our help to keep spreading their message and getting a Fall issue out.

Your Call to Action:
+ Check out and check out how they are helping others unleash their inner bad ass

Like what they have to say?

Visit their IndieGoGo page and make a pledge. If you can’t donate money that is okay, I understand. Follow them on social media, grab a button and help spread the word to your network about a Note Worthy Independent Cause that is worth supporting!

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