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Back in a New York State of Mind

Hey All,

Sorry I have been quiet lately but I have been out of the state on a much needed mental holiday. With everything that has been going on I haven’t been able to tell if I was coming or going most days and so it was great to pack a bag and head out for a while.

Where did I go, you ask?
Colorado; Breckenridge, Boulder and Crested Butte to be exact.

Why Colorado?
Why not? I have never been and flights out of NYC were decently priced. I am always looking to explore new places and see new things. Like I always tell people “I have a passport and am willing to travel” It isn’t always about going to exotic locals of far and distant lands (although I love to go to places like that) but more about spending time with good people and having a good time together.

And a good time we did have from day hiking and campfires to tea houses and bookstores there was just so much to see and do! The only thing is that for was that in some spots the internet was a little spotty and with all of the driving around we had to do there just wasn’t enough time (or energy) to post so I will just have to settle with this one sort of re-cap. All in all we (Sissy, D and I) had an amazing time and they even got the chance to practice their driving skills (I’m still not quite un-clenched enough to really talk about some of those moments.)

Here are a few pictures (looking for more check out my Instagram with the link above)

Me and the Sissy in Breckenridge (isn’t she purrrty)
Me and D rocking it out on a bridge

View from the riverside deck our last morning in Boulder

All in all it was a great time and I am happy that I went (even though I had to “take time” off from work) in the end it is just money, right? Nothing will be able to replace the memories of our time there but I will say it is good to be back. Sometimes you really do have to learn in order to realize that there is no place like home.

Until next time,

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