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Spandex, Feathers and Glitter, Oh My!

Folks it is Labor Day, also known as the unofficial end of summer, and here in Brooklyn that can only mean one thing; West Indian Day Parade! While I am not normally a reveller of the Parkway madness that is playing mass I thought some of those who have never seen the parade, a look at this year’s costumes. I happen to be lucky enough to live on the “warm-up” route for the parade as the bands start pumping up the music and the crowd on their way to the official start line on the parkway.






Now I tried to keep the images as PG as I possibly could, unfortunately that also meant the best photos could really be included, sucks I know but I tried.

One thing that is undeniable is that as dressed or as undressed as some of the women are, you have to admit seeing all these women of all color, shapes and sizes, strutting their stuff under the HOT sun (if you happen to be Jamaican -H for accurate translation, ha ha ha!) is inspiring, so take a lesson and ring out the summer with confidence!

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