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Let Me Bless You; Grown Woman Truths

As someone coming out of a relatively “Rough Patch” both personally and financially I found myself, in the quiet moments between phoning social agencies, doctors appointments, interviews and trainings taking a better look at my life and how I relate to the world around me. Comparing my life to those of my peers whose social media pages were flooded with marriages, new; jobs, homes, relationships and destinations- left me feeling angry and deprived of a life that should have been mine but was stolen by my circumstances and probably a healthy dose of just plain old rotten luck.

Breaking these habits of a lifetime are hard but are often very necessary if we want to continue to grow and progress.

“Doing the same thing time and time again, expecting a different result is the definition of madness” 

Life is about the choices that you make so choose love….  there is no avoiding the stress and hustle and bustle of everyday life it is going to be there– nothing you can do to change that so chose instead of focusing on that hectic energy to find the small things and people in your life that bring you joy, fill you with positivity or that you love doing. Take a few moments to be grateful for what you do have and tell those that you love that you do in fact love them and appreciate the good that they bring to your life. There is no promise for a tomorrow for any of us so it is important to show our appreciation and be mindful.

“It is not about making the right choice, it is about making a choice and making it right”

Seasonal purges are not only for your closet…. they are sometimes meant for the people that you surround yourself with. Take a look at your social circle and ask yourself “Are your priorities and mine in line? Do you add substance to my life now or who I aspire to be?” They could be friends that you have known since you were in elementary school but are they adding to your life? People who don’t add or support your life only hold you down from obtaining all that you are meant for, they are dead weight no matter how long you have known each other what you have been through together. A big part of achieving greatness if surrounding yourself with like minded people, so sometimes that means that you need to clean house…

“There are no two parts that make me whole, it is already there-“

People will always want to talk about what you are doing, let them…. there is nothing so futile in life as worrying about what other people are saying about you and what you are doing; why is she losing so much weight? oh she think she is better than us because she travels so much? Why do you talk like you are white? Oh, you too good for us now? There really is no pleasing everyone and you will spend your whole life chasing their approval without a sense of yourself and who you are. The people who really love you, will always love you and be there to support you the rough the lean and mean times and be there to celebrate with you in the high moments fully appreciative of all that you have been through to get to that point. These are the people that matter in life, all the rest– is just fluff.

“Don’t let someone else’s lack of preparedness become your bullshit”

Forgive yourself and forgive for yourself…  is freedom. Forgiveness can be one of the hardest process you will ever go through emotionally. There is no standard process for getting to place where it can happen and time doesn’t heal all wounds. Forgiving those who have hurt us is taking back this power that they have gained over us it isn’t about forgiving for their sake because it doesn’t matter if they deserve it or not, if they have changed or doing the same that have always been- forgive them for yourself. Rid yourself of that burden of hate and the grudge that you are carrying towards that person for what they did to you in the past, they aren’t worth it. Most importantly, forgive yourself for allowing it to happen to you.

“We are all flawed, but within those flaws lies perfection”  


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