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Planning for Change….

It just seems my luck that as soon as I get back into blogging and now vlogging that the climate would suddenly change. If you haven’t heard yet big brands are pulling their money from Google and YouTube advertising as well as there has been a significant reduction in the Amazon Affiliate kickbacks. Since I am only just getting back in the game this isn’t a huge issue for me personally but let me tell you there are a lot of content creators out there are beginning to get a little concerned about how all these cut backs will affect their bank accounts at the end of the of the day. This whole situation while it sucks got me thinking….

How does the everyday person prepare or plan for change?

The market crash of 2008 is the contemporary example of just how life your financial sure footing can change without a moments notice; there were hiring freezes while other people lost their jobs, homes and their sense of financial security. As someone who was getting ready to leave university during those trying years it taught me three things:

  1. It isn’t about only about what you know, it is about what you can actually do….. summer of 2009 I was a bright eyed graduate with a degree in Medical Informatics, it was supposed to be a part of the latest innovations and the mandatory evolvement of Medicine and Technology, so it seemed a good direction to go in and a sure fire way to go but with the recent crash companies had to optimize their dollar on hiring and so the job prospects moved from people who only knew the implementation process in theory to those who had the actual experience in the field to bridge the gap of how the technology should work to how it needs to work for the practitioners.  So basically they weren’t looking to hire someone like myself with only theoretical knowledge, so what did I end up doing? I ended up heading back to a previous summer job I had at The Public Theater and started writing plays (and getting them produced), cat sitting, cooking, cleaning and organizing for people and braiding hair on the side to make some cash or get a free meal. It was about what can I actually do, that could make me some money.
  2. My eggs are in several baskets…… no one works at the same job for life anymore there isn’t the security of retirement and social security being there when we finally reach that age and to be completely honest, going into the office and punching a time card is for the birds. How to escape the rat race and still plan for the future, you ask? By diversifying your sources of income! Maybe you have an eye for quality items from an estate sale, or you can sew like a goddess, paint like Picasso etc. what ever it is that you can physically do let that become a source of income for you. Invest in real estate, be a virtual assistant or hell start a blog or YouTube channel! By diversifying your income you are essentially ensuring that whatever storms may come your way at least financially you are going to be okay.
  3. Never get too comfortable with status quo…. not only does it leave you open to the whims of others but also it can leave you feeling stagnant in your life. The one constant in life is change wither it be jobs, relationship statuses or priorities; things, people and time shifts and we have to be able to roll with the punches. The goal is to be flexible enough to quickly adapt to the changes that are sometimes forced on us or that we choose to take on.

My goal is to be able to have more control of my time and financial potential and have decided that putting in the next forty years in the office working for “the man” isn’t going to get me there so I started this blog, I just launched my YouTube channel, I am exploring opportunities to partner with brands and creators to get my voice out there all while I continue to put my ours in the office.  The rule that I live by is: “Be set in your goals but be flexible in your methods.”

What goals do you have in your life? What methods or steps are you taking to ensure that you get to where you want to be?

Until Next Time!

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