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#StartAnywhere: Trying Something New

So it  has been a about a week and a half since my last post and don’t worry this wasn’t another “break” I was just busy doing some travelling for work and internet surprisingly enough was pretty hard to come by. Even though I was unable to post and I was missing being able to watch videos in the evenings I was had at work on my latest project!

I am officially on YOUTUBE!!!!


I can not possibly find the words to how exciting it is to finally be able to announce the launch of my channel since it has been only a thought and constant worry on my mind for a long time now, which brings me to the point of this post and my #StartAnywhere motivation.

Oftentimes we all have plans to start something, create something, go someplace etc. but for some reason we are all to willing to let these plans and ideas fall by the way side while we wait for the “perfect set-up” ie; when I… lose 10 pounds, get a better job, move, get a to a better “place” etc. but when is life ever going to be perfect? If you answered, Never, then you are correct! And take it from someone who has been there….that is why I am so proud of myself, I am officially giving myself a pat on the back here, for stopping the excuses and anxiety and just starting; right here, right now with just what I have got and who I am in this very moment. I know that it isn’t perfect and just exactly I has I been imagining it to have been but what it is, is real, it is publically accessable piece of myself as I take these baby steps in trying something out of my comfort zone– hoping that it will resonate with someone and that you will comeback to watch next time and that is all I can do and hope for.

And I have realized that, that is okay…

Because beauty is found in the journey….

What are putting off until tomorrow?

What are you willing to start today?


Until Next Time,


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the channel! Let’s share this adventure!!!

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