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#tbt Iceland!

Last year I got the amazing opportunity to do some travelling in Iceland with a couple of friends and let me tell you, the idea of going to Iceland in March did not seem like the greatest idea. I might live in NYC but I am not a fan of snow but as someone who is a travel enthusiast it was an opportunity to explore a different corner of the world. So we packed up our bags and headed North!

After a short 6 hour flight on Icelandair out of JFK we landed at Keflavík International Airport, local time: 5:45AM after getting through customs etc. it was time to start this adventure! The day was warm and as we made our way towards the western Snæfellsnes Peninsula we were greeted with lush greenery and rolling hills and valleys but since I was the only driver in the group I didn’t get the chance to take many pictures it all :(.

First stop..Borgarnes and the Geirabakarí Cafe Konditori made famous as the filming location for “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” 

Just look at those mountains! It just so happened that we landed on my birthday, so that means a b-day brekkie for me of local pastries and a pot of hot steaming tea!


The next day brought snow and lots of it! But we were determined to still get some site seeing in so we loaded up in the car and with our GPS still directing us in German we made our way to Barnafoss waterfalls further west into the Borgarbyggð municipality. I know what you thinking “I thought you said it was snowing, why would go see a waterfall?”  Simple, the waterfalls happen to flow out of a lava field!




Then it was off to Iceland’s capital Reykjavík for the city sites and hotdogs!

The never ending line for hotdogs outside of the flea market, definitely worth the wait!


The city is full of colorful buildings on crowded back streets, cute cafes….



If you ever in the city make sure you also check out The Laundry Cafe for some tasty treats…


I really was enjoyed that hot chocolate on a cold Iceland day……

I am living for this decor!! I want it, I want it, I WANT It!

Oh yeah, the food there isn’t too bad either!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for more pics from this trip and others @ TheUn-Life!!!!

Until the next time!

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