Keto Lifestyling and the journey towards happiness

The Keto Diet; why I made the switch to fats

We have all seen them; the adds and commercials pushing some pill as the new “one stop fix” for weight loss and they all have tons of “research” proving that they product/protocol/secret tip is the solution that us obviously “unhappy” fat people have been searching for.  I will be honest with you I have tried some of them- some worked, most didn’t. Those that did work the results were awesome but as far as long term success not so much. In the three years hiatus from writing this blog and from social media as a whole I managed to put back on almost Every. Single. Pound.

So what is a girl to do when facing the world that tells her she is wrong size? Take stock and come to terms in how I see and feel about MY BODY. That is right it is time to do away with the opinions of pop culture and figure out how I feel in my skin. After much reflection, I realized that I wasn’t happy and as a body positivity supporter and Plus-Size enthusiast that was hard for me to admit. I still stand by the causes the community stand for but for me and myself I change was needed. Now I would like to make myself clear on this point I have no real expectations of being a size zero, not going to happen and honestly I am really not interested in ever being that small. I just know that with my weight peaking in the 240’s that I was feeling out of control and unhealthy so that is why I started looking into whole food based, long term eating plan that will help me shed some un wanted weight and get my overall health back in order.

I had mentioned before in a previous post that my dad was suffering from some health issues that kind of took over my life for the last couple of years. His health struggle also was a reason why I was interested in learning more about the changes I can make now that will help delay and or eradicate the chance that I will end up with a condition like his. My dad has Dementia/ Alzheimer’s disease and he is only 61 years old. Normally a disease associated with old age it was a shock to hear the doctor’s prognosis and it was something that we hoped against all hope that it wasn’t- there it was, in black and white print so there was no denying it. Then I learned that his older sister is also suffering with Dementia- so there is family history of degenerative mental diseases!

With an official diagnosis I started my research. I read studies, watched videos, joined support groups if there was any information about how to support him going forward and if I could safe guard myself I was there. That is when I stumbled across a study from The Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology the article is full of medical jargon and what not and can be hard to understand but basically the situation boils down to this; 80% of people suffering with Alzheimer’s also suffer from Insulin Resistance or Type 2 Diabetes and with the nature of insulin resistance nerve damage does occur and with Type 3 the nerves most heavily affected are in brain more specifically the hippocampus or the “memory center” of our brains and prevention could be as simple as being more active and avoiding carbs and sugars. That is all it really took to convince me (and my sister) and continue my research on a diet plan that would help me make those changes long term without feeling like I am deprived while planning for the future. After much research I decided to go forward with the Ketogenic Diet that consists of eating Low Carb, High Fat and Moderate Protein. Fat is not something that we should be afraid of it actually has great benefits for bodies in moderating hormones, great and long lasting source of energy as well as it is nourishing for our brains!

Basics and Calculating Macros
What to Eat! Already figured out for you!
What to buy …

Thanks to Jason Whittrock’s Amazing KetoCycle plan I had the tools to start and let me tell you so far so good! Just take a look at my recent results after a short hiatus in Germany! So check him out if you are interested in what Keto has to offer as well as other’s on youtube. I will be sure to continue posting here as well as I continue this journey.


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