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Trabi Racing in Berlin

If you have been checking out my videos on Youtube you know that recently I was travelling in Germany for work (if you haven’t seen the latest Germany Video check it out here ) to do some training and attend a global summit/conference meeting with the team. As you can imagine I was practically salivating with the excitement of it all……

By some miracle we all made it through the ten hour presentation, on how to be more effective and prioritize our time complete with simultaneous translation for us English speakers, with our lives intact and only the slightest desire to commence excessive drinking  (Yay! Small victories!) we woke up slightly hung over and ready to take on  Saturday’s top-secret team building event…But first we needed to make a brief stop at the train station to store our luggage so off to Berlin Spandau!

IMG_1107 2
Don’t know those people but they do make it seem more…authentic

After the Luggage was stowed and train tickets purchased a short train (and then another bus) we were greeted with this lovely sight

Local Train Station: Like a scene straight out of The Wiz
Trabis!!!!! (Is that the plural form?)

If you aren’t familiar with this particular contraption (because that is what they are…) it hits the list of Time’s The 50 Worst Cars of All Time  built in East Germany during the 1950s to late 1980s it smoked like a chimney, rattled and groaned like no one’s business and had little to no safety features….even for the every day manual drivers this was going to be a challenge to get around the city but off we went with a list of clues and mini challenges at each of our destinations.

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IMG_4203 3
You Are Now Entering The American Sector…. #checkpointCharlie

It was an amazing day and though I will probably never feel my legs again after climbing to the top of the column it was a great way to see the city and I would like to thank Trabi Safari for hosting us and I would also like to apologize for any damage to the cars that occurred while in our possession…who knew that all that black smoke was because of the hand break?

Until Next Time!

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